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Post Adjutant becomes Centennial 12th District Council Commander

On Sunday, July 22nd, the post officers attended the annual installation of the incoming 12th District Council officers. This year, Post 798 had reason to be particularly proud. Installed as the district's 100th (Centennial) commander was none other than the post's adjutant and finance officer, retired U.S. Marine George Mussi Jr. Also attending with the officers was George's wonderful wife, Roselea.

Post 798 Celebrations

On Sunday, July 1st, the post officers celebrated two occasions. First, the post commander Pete Margaritis, and his wife Mindy celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

On that same day, the post adjutant and finance officer, George Mussi Jr., on the final day of the Dept. of Ohio Convention at the Columbus downtown Hilton, was sworn in as the new 12th District Council commander. He took the oath of office along with the other 13 Ohio new district commanders, as well as all 14 1st Vice Commanders and 2nd Vice Commanders.


Commander Mussi is the district's centennial commander - that is, he is the 100th officer to be elected to the post, as the American Legion begins to celebrate its centennial.


Commander Mussi's 1st VC is Rick Garren (Southway Post 144) and his 2nd VC is Tom Poulton (Westerville Post 171). Our heartfelt congratulations to all the new post officers.


Formal installation of the post officers at the district will be at the installation dinner and ceremony at Westerville Post 171, 393 E. College Avenue, Westerville, on Sunday, July 22nd. Coctail hour at 1600 hrs., dinner at 1700, and the swear in ceremony at 1800.

Pictured at the convention are (l-r) 1VC Rick Garren, District Cdr. George Mussi Jr., District Chaplain Malcolm Glasgow, Past District Commander Tom Rowe, and District Ass't Chaplain Carl Bradley Jr.

Three days later, on the 4th of July, the post officers participated in the annual Reynoldsburg 4th of July parade.


On August 2, 2017 a new book co-written by Post 798's Commander, Pete Margaritis was released. The book, entitled Twenty-Two on Peleliu, chronicles the remarkable World War II memoirs of an “Old Breed” Marine. The book depicts the very unusual life of a recently passed local veteran celebrity, George Peto of Columbus, Ohio, as told to the post commander, who is a prominent military author. In a collaborative effort recorded through 14 months of interviews, George recalled in detail to Cdr. Margaritis the exciting elements of his fascinating life.


Growing up in the Great Depression, the adventures of this happy-go-lucky kid, like an early day Forrest Gump, touched on so many unique facets of American history in the 20th Century. From gazing up at early dirigibles in Akron, Ohio during the Great Depression, to fishing and trapping on the Erie Canal not far from a gangster’s hideout, to working in the CCC out West. And his experiences in World War II as a forward observer for a heavy mortar team were even more memorable as he fought in four famous Pacific campaigns with an elite unit: The First Marines. Even after the war, George seldom had a dull moment, once fighting for what he believed right up to the Supreme Court (and he WON). Yes, George Peto was an extraordinary individual and lived a life more exciting than any four normal individuals. This is the story of a true Marine.

The book, published by Casemate, is available through any major book outlet, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books.


By the way, Cdr. Margaritis will autograph your copy for free.


Other books written by the commander include:

  • Rommel's Fateful Trip Home: June 4th to June 6th, 1944
  • Crossroads at Margival: Hitler's Last Conference in France, June 17, 1944
  • Bust Eisenhower: The Message That Almost Ruined D-Day.


If you want to read an interesting interview Casemate Publishing did with our post commander/author, follow this link:

(Below: Sgt. George Peto showing Cdr. Margaritis photos
of him in his Thirties. Taken August 9th, 2015.)

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The LOCATION of the next regularly scheduled monthly post meeting (2nd Thursday each month) has changed. It will still be on Thursday, October 11th, at 1900 hrs. The meeting location though, will will be at Donato's Pizza, 1815 Brice Road, Reynoldsburg, Ohio (614) 861-0211.


This change will be to honor this year's BBS delegate that was sponsored by the post.

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